The retriever delivers full loads within 60 km of our yard, and partial loads within 30 km.
Call us for a quote, or to enquire about semi deliveries.

Our hay handling equipment

The retriever is a self loading, self unloading truck. It delivers stacks of 106, 124, 142 or 160. These can be unloaded outside, or inside any barn with minimum 16 ft vertical clearance and minimum 12 ft width

Stack dimensions
10' wide x 7.5' deep x 13.5' high
The semi is the tractor trailer combination we use to haul hay to our yard. It also delivers and unloads stacks of 636 bales
The accumulator is an attachment for our loader tractors. It allows us to lift, stack and load layers of 18 bales. It can be used to load any flatdeck truck or trailer with a deck larger than 7.5' x 10'. Please call at least two hours in advance to allow time to warm and start the tractor, especially during the winter months.

Layer dimensions
10' wide x 7.5' deep x 18" high
The semi can unload in any shed with minimum 16 ft vertical clearance, and at minimum 12 ft width. We recommend placing a tarp or tarps under the load to maintain hay quality.

Stack dimensions
10' wide x 42' deep x 9' high