Welcome to Feedneeds at Irvine Creek Farms, where customer service is number one.

Irvine Creek Farms is a producer and reseller of quality equine hay and straw, in small square bales.
If you've ever loaded hay/straw before, you know that it can be quite time-consuming. So we've made it as simple as possible: we offer a drive-up service for customers who want to pick up their hay, and delivery for loads of 124 bales or more. The hay is stored under shed, so there are no tarps to deal with, and no driving all over a field to pick up bales. And get this: You can pay by cash, debit, Visa or Mastercard. Simple, no?
Serving the local equine market since 2002
We are hiring a farm hand.
IT'S SEEDING SEASON! While we are doing our best to keep the gate open during regular business hours, we do occasionally have to run parts to the field workers. Please call ahead to schedule a pick up at the farm.

Thank you for your patience!
Norm and Jan